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R A M Y A N T O U N. !!The Master of the Drums.!! Education:Studied whit Vera Dahlin, Burleigh Drummend,Er carl Tassi and currently whit "zoro" Equipment: Vintage Drums, Dw Hardware,Zildjian Cymbals&sticks,Remo Heads, and Slug Beaters. Remo&LP perc. Ramy Wants to keep playing and playing, because is love of music,but also carry the "Bive" of the top level musicians today in the World. his not only a profesional, he is the "best in his Field" His skiels of performance include, RECORDINGS: Black Eyed Peas, Papa-Nata, Treble Charger amount others firs level artists...TV :MTV,KTLA ,Entertainment chanel. Live Performances: Santa cruz civic auditorium, NFL superbowl players Prty,Roxy, OTHER Live performance include: Vatche,Lap Dance, Your Moose, Groove 44,69Lincoln and Jeff Hendick, Ramy Antoun talks Not whit words, he is "The Master Of the Drums", Ho have the touch and magic and artist like STING, or Musiciaans as LUIS CONTE,and RAFAEL PADILLA,"MIAMI SOND MACHINE FOUNDER PERCUSSION respect the performance of The egipcian Drumer...

DUSTIN SALVESON...!!!!!!!!! DUSTIN has played music his entire life,and was trained in "classical piano at the age of 5. He made the transition from piano to electric bass guitar over 8 years ago and has also been studyng upright acoustic bass under an acclaimed composer. Dr. Taylor. He has performed an toured with several large acts since then,sharing the stage whit OZOMATLI,TOWER OF POWER,WAR AND KOOL AND THE GANG.Although coming from more of a rhythm based funk background, he has played in every style imaginable as a studio musician. he is frequently requested as a session player in los Angeles, because of his sensitive, artistic feel and easy going personality. He has the "magic touch." Dustin's love for rhythm and funk has opened the door to the Latin music world, fusing these diverse influences into a unique sound of music and The Nuit ! Excelent musician half Japanees.

MICHAEL ANTHONY HANDRON.!!!!!!!!!!!!! MICHAEL was born in BROOKLYN NEW YORK .and moved to Okland California at an early age, where he was raised. Michael was surrounded by different cultures in the bay area which exposed him to all different styles of music ranging from local heroes Santana And Tower of Power to big rock bands like U2, Prince and THE REVOLUTION, Led Zeppelin,and ,Jimi HENDRIX.He began learning guitar by age 9 and has been playing ever since.He moved to los Angeles in 1989 to start playing professionally and Today he is considered one of the best guitarists in town. Michael has been one numerous local and touring bands playing Funk, Pop, reggae, Ska, Swing and Rock. Michael is one with his guitar when he plays. His musicality stirs the inner soul. Watch for him and this music, his groove and his Guitar.